Solo CDs

Ascent: New Music for Trumpet (Jason Dovel)
Ascent: New Music for Trumpet
New Branch Records (2016)

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Jason Dovel, trumpet
Stephen Campbell, trumpet
Robert Jeter, piano
and the Unviersity of Kentucky Faculty Brass Quintet

Track Listing:

[1] Ascent                           Jason Dovel

Concerto for Trumpet          Michael Mikulka
 [2] Aggressive
 [3] Languid, luxurious, molto rubato
 [4] Broadly, with Motion

Song Cycle for Unaccompanied Trumpet       Michael Cotten
 [5] A Tale Begins
 [6] Butterflies in the Redwoods
 [7] Flowering Song
 [8] A Waltz Remembered
 [9] The Tale Ends

[10] A Stroll Through Kalavryta   Jason Dovel

[11] Vocalise      Frederick Beck

[12] Stuff      James Grant

 [13] Multiphonics Etude    Jason Dovel

Baroque Trumpet Suite    Jason Dovel
         Based on melodies in Modo per imparare a sonare (1638) by Fantini (1600–1675)
 [14] Ricercata detta la Serristori
 [15] Ricercata detta la Torrigiani
 [16] Ricercata detta la Lenzoni
 [17] Ricercata detta la Canigiani
 [18] Ricercata detta l'Albergotti

Lost Trumpet Treasures - Jason Dovel (CD Cover)
Lost Trumpet Treasures
Mark Records (2014)

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Jason Dovel, trumpet and cornet
Edward Neeman, piano
with Vince DiMartino, cornet

Track Listing:

Chevauchée fantastique (1)                  Alexandre Cellier (1883–1968)

Contes                                                Jean Absil (1893–1974)
Conte héroique (2)
Conte slave (3)
Conte funambulesque (4)

Concertino pour trompette et piano        Eugène Bozza (1905–1991)
Allegro moderato (5)
Andantino (6)
Assez animé (7)

Frigariana (8)                                       Eugène Bozza (1905–1991)
Concertino (9)                                      Paul Vidal (1863–1931)

Prélude et ballade (10)                          Guillaume Balay (1871–1943)

Mont Saint-Michel  (11)                          Geoffrey Robbins (1910-1954)

Concertino pour deux cornets et piano    Fernand Andrieu (1863–1935)
Allegro (12)
Andante (13)
Scherzetto (14)

Ensemble CD

Shades of Blue Trumpet Ensemble - Competition Pieces for Trumpet Ensemble

Competition Pieces for Trumpet Ensemble
University of Kentucky "Shades of Blue" Trumpet Ensemble
New Branch Records (2015)

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Track Listing:

Abstracts No. 2 - Russell/arr. Wiff Rudd (1)

Centrifuge - Jason Dovel (2)

Clockwork - John Adler (3)

Cylcone - Erik Morales (4)

Graffiti - Roland Barrett (5)

Nessun Dorma - Puccini/ arr. Danny Judd (6)
(Jason Dovel, soloist)


Jason Dovel

Videos From Solo Recitals

A Stroll Through Kalavrita (2015) by Jason Dovel

First Movement (Allegro) Sonata in D (G. 3) by Giuseppe Torelli

Third Movement (Allegro) Sonata in D (G. 3) by Giuseppe Torelli

Sonata per Clarino in C-Dur by C. H. Biber

Multiphonics Etude (2013) by Jason Dovel

Centennial Horizon by Kevin McKee

Gabriel's Oboe by Ennio Morricone

First Movement (Allegro moderato), Sonata for Trumpet by Halsey Stevens

Cantus for Trumpet and Electronics by Eric Nathan

Ricercata - on Baroque (valveless) trumpet by G. Fantini

University of Kentucky Trumpet Ensemble

Cyclone (As 2nd Prize Winners of the 2014 National Trumpet Competition)

Four Sketches (As 2nd Prize Winners of the 2016 National Trumpet Competition)

Into the Blue (Kevin McKee)

A Storm's Path (Brian Balmages)

Soundings (Brian Balmages)

Quintasonic Brass Quintet
Quintasonic Brass

Ewald Brass Quintet, Movement 1
Kevin McKee, Escape
Simple Gifts (arr. Vince DiMartino)
West Side Story (arr. Jack Gale)
I Feel Pretty
Baroque Trumpet Suite (J. Dovel)